Thai massage


Thailand is known to the whole world for its transparent sea of ​​azure color, colorful inhabitants, but not only. An excellent effect on our body and the body as a whole will have a massage in Taissa. This is a therapy that promotes healing. She is known all over the world for her wonderful healing effect. This culture has been formed over many centuries. The contemporaries had a great influence on the concept of classical massage in Taiski by the cultures of India and China. Shivaka, the attending physician of the Indian ruler, is considered to be the founder of massages in taiski. It was about II millennium ago. Together with some of the methods used in Thai medicine, massage has a very good effect. Over a long practice, a whole system of therapeutic skills has been formed.

Touring Thailand is easy to get. Once there, you can check the quality of the best Thai massage yourself. True, it is possible to go through this procedure in other parts of the globe, as well as in some salons.

Massage in taiska has a specific effect on the body. Our body is permeated with lines of energy, a dozen of which are activated at the touch of a specialist. Each line has a relationship with a specific authority. Acupressure points, kneaded by a masseur, are located along the energy meridians. With their activation, a certain organ is treated.

We understand the massage procedure as muscle stretching, improving the microcirculation of blood in the tissues. Massage in Taisha influences the finest materials, because the specialist works both with the physical body and with energy. This action is in some ways considered an art. Melody for relaxation, breathing exercises will contribute to greater effectiveness of the procedure. Of course, in different countries the price for such a massage will be different. The price of the procedure includes not only the professionalism of the massage therapist, but also the reputation of the institution, its class. In some tourist places, such as Wat Pho Monastery, which is called the cradle of Taisi massage, you can not get quality service. After all, real traditions are not a show, they are not put on public display. To better get acquainted with a good Thai massage, it is worth visiting the small salons of this country. This procedure is common in numerous special institutions in Thailand - spa salons, in temples, even in some hotels. What is unique about this massage? It is held by the surface and base of the palms, thumbs on the hands, elbows, feet, knees, forearms.

Oddly enough, but in such massaging there are only 3 basic techniques: pressing, stretching and twisting. By pressing with the thumbs on the hands, using the palms, feet, this procedure is unlike other types of massages. Stretching achieves elasticity of muscle tissue, mobility in the joints. By twisting, that is, by rotational movements, an effect is achieved as a result of which our body gains more flexibility. Such a massage will improve posture, give freedom of movement. The relaxation effect is achieved by the end of the procedure. It is indisputable that Thai massage will make us feel good and give a fresh look to our appearance.